The Best Omakase Under $100 In Singapore

Who says there’s no such thing as a (more) affordable Omakase…

We’re all painfully aware that as good as Japanese Omakse is, it can come with a pretty hefty price tag. While this may be true, there are some chef’s degustation menus that won’t necessarily break the bank (quite as much)! You just have to know where to look.

To help you on your gastronomic hunt, we’ve rounded up a couple of the best Omakase under $100 in Singapore! Read on for some more wallet-friendly suggestions.

Unkai Sushi

For A Premium $88 Omakase Set
Go on an intimate epicurean experience steeped in age-old Japanese tradition at Unkai! Helmed by Chef Eugene Lam, the cosy 30-seater restaurant aims to regale gourmands with their curated selection of sashimi, sushi, as well as comforting rice bowls—all of which are meticulously put together using seasonal ingredients that are specially air-flown from Japan.

The Omakase menu at Unkai offers three options, the cheapest being the $88++ set which features an appetiser, various sushi handmade by the chef himself, a handroll, soup, and of course, dessert. As a rule of thumb, Chef Eugene only utilises rice from Hokkaido (namely the ‘nanatsuboshi’ and the ‘yumeipirika’ varieties) as these are sweeter, firmer, and stickier than the conventional Japanese rice.

The rice is then seasoned in two distinct manners depending on the fish or seafood it is paired with; rice with white fish is seasoned with white vinegar whereas rice with red/fattier fish is dressed with red vinegar to enhance the flavours of the ingredients even further. This careful curation is especially evident in their special House-Smoked Otoro—just take a bite and you’ll be able to appreciate how the taste and texture of the fish and rice complement each other to a T.

Sushi Kyuu by Shunsui

For a $99 20-Course Sushi Omakase
This one’s located at the third level of Orchard Plaza and has been making rounds on social media lately! And, for good reason—they’re currently running a limited time promotion for their 20-course Sushi Omakase set (now $99, U.P. $129). Here’s where you can enjoy the flavours of the ocean with an indulgent selection of seasonal ingredients air-flown directly from the Toyosu Market in Japan. Offerings in the set include the Sujiara, Shimaaji, Hotate, Chawanmushi, Aji, Aka Ebi, an Unagi Sandwich, Steamed Oyster, Akami Zuke, Chu-toro, and O-toro, just to name a few.

Note: This is a limited time offer so do be sure to check if it’s still available before heading over!

Hana Restaurant

For An Inexpensive $38 Omakase
Hana Restaurant is better known for their ‘flying noodles’ but did you know that they also serve affordable Omakase sets priced at $38, $58 and $88 respectively? You truly can’t get a better deal than this! The only catch is that the offerings in their sets are slightly less curated and are already pre-set by the chef so what you see on the menu is exactly what you get. But hey, for such cheap price points we really can’t complain.

If you opt for the $38++ set, you’ll get a total of 15 items: the Housemade Tofu with Goma Sauce, the Chilled Japanese Somen, two kinds of Sashimi, Grilled Hokkaido Scallop with Mentaiko, Tempura Shishamo, Pan Fried Asari Butter with Garlic, Ika Sushi with Roasted Sesame, Akami Sushi, Yellowtail Sushi with Truffle and Kombu, Caramelised Aburi Salmon Sushi, Japanese Steamed Egg with Truffle, a Hana Donburi, Shimeiji Miso soup, and a dessert.

JIDAI Restaurant

For An $88 8-Course Omakase Menu
JIDAI aims to bring people together through a shared love for food! And, what better way to do this than through a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine in the form of a delectable 8-Course Omakase ($88) menu?

Start off with an Uni Umami Bomb filled with Chile Uni and an Uni miso emulsion and proceed to dig into their Sashimi offering which consists of sea bream and scallop tartare. Then delight in their Appetiser, the tuna Kutsuo with fermented spicy mushroom before their Donnabe which is essentially smoked Unagi with bacon Dashi.

You’ll get to pick between different Soups (either the XL Hokkaido Oyster and Sake Leek Soup or the Claypot Australia Bamboo Lobster) and Mains (either the Atlantic Cod and Hazelnut Potato Risotto or the Challen Duck). This is followed by a Pre Dessert (the Matcha Two Ways) and a final Dessert (the Sake Kyoho Grape with Vanilla Tuile).