OnlyCreamery: The Inside Scoop On Titus Low’s Ice Cream Cafe

Tucked in an inconspicuous lot along Temple Street, OnlyCreamery is the brainchild of Singaporean content creator Titus Low and the elusive team behind Hundred Acres Creamery.

Nestled along a stretch of shophouses at Temple Street, OnlyCreamery is the brainchild of Titus Low and his business partners, the trio (Justin Heah, Linh Tran, and Edmund Ang) behind Clementi-based gelato shop Hundred Acre Creamery, as well as David Hoon, a director at a local energy solutions company. 

Established in 2020 by Edmund and his Vietnamese wife Linh, Hundred Acre Creamery was largely inspired by English author A. A. Milne’s fictional destination in ‘Winnie-the-Pooh.’ Serving up handmade gelato, this trendy 45-seater parlour aims only to please: “There’s this thing about ice cream that makes it such an amazingly, inclusive source of happiness for everyone,” Linh says. Echoing the same sentiments, Justin adds: “There’s always that one flavour that perks you up, makes you really happy, or even conjures up nostalgic memories to reminisce.” 

Through a mutual friend, David, the trio at Hundred Acre Creamery understood that Titus wanted to venture into the food and beverage industry. “We know that Titus has always been supportive of love and equality, which are principles that we value too,” Edmund says, elaborating that conversations went well between the quintet and the concept for OnlyCreamery came together rather naturally. 

While Titus confesses that he does not have a sweet tooth, he is nonetheless excited about his new business: “I have always wanted to open an ice-cream parlour where my friends and fans can come by to chill or host parties,” the content creator said. “Of all the desserts, I pretty much only eat ice-cream and wouldn’t say no to it.”

OnlyCreamery is an extension of Titus' vision of creating a safe space for patrons, one where the theme of ‘equality’ and ‘inclusivity' is of utmost importance. In fact, the interior decor of the creamery pays homage to folks from all walks of life—this can be seen in the vibrant terrazzo tiles, pastel-hued walls, and equal signs that are subtly carved onto the edges of some tables. 

The cafe’s vision of inclusivity, however, is still in its infancy. The team has yet to map out concrete plans, but they are looking into adopting inclusive hiring practices and perhaps even donating some profits to certain beneficiaries in the future. “This is something we are advocating for and we will look into it, after we sort out manpower and get the cafe running in full steam,” Linh says. 

From Content Creator to Marketing Honcho 

Today, Titus wears many hats: content creator, Gen Z influencer, web3.0 enthusiast, and now, a modern-day entrepreneur. His career trajectory, or life’s journey, is nothing short of impressive or entertaining. Even so, he is still looking to grow. 

He explains that his foray into the industry has been “most interesting” as he’s already had to deal with drunk and obnoxious customers, some of which have allegedly asked him out for a round of drinks at a nearby bar. 

While Titus has had little to no experience in the scene, he explains that he is learning heaps from the team from Hundred Acre Creamery: “Ironing out staff’s workflow, getting more new hires, and creating impressionable marketing campaigns are my focus now."

At the moment, Titus, who is still a full-time content creator, tries to help out as much as he can at the cafe. If you stop by regularly, you might chance upon him scooping behind the counter or indulging in the occasional banter from customers and fans.

Current Menu & New Flavours To Come 

The team from Hundred Acre Creamery presently churns out a series of rotating flavours, including the Vegan Dark Chocolate Sorbet, Honey Chrysanthemum Gelato, and Roasted Black Sesame. As a tribute to Linh’s heritage, the cafe also offers Vietnamese drip coffees along with flavours such as the Ca Phe which is essentially a coffee-based gelato. 

Some of their crowd favourites so far have been the Mandarin Orange and Lychee, and the Strawberry Cheesecake. The former is pleasantly light and fruity with bits of citrus peels, while the latter is smooth and decadent without being too cloying on the palate.

Pair these gelato flavours with their fragrant Coconut Pandan Waffle ($8) which boasts a mochi-like texture, and is a welcome alternative to the quintessential Belgian waffles in other ice cream parlours.

In line with Titus’ personal branding, his team is looking to launch new ‘suggestive’ flavours in the coming weeks: “I don’t know how the rest will react, but one of these new flavours is called ‘Salted White Stuff.’"