Go Nuts For These Coconut Drinks & Dishes in Singapore

Want to escape the sweltering heat in Singapore? The answer lies in everything coconut—from shakes and drinks, to ice cream and desserts, you name it!

There's no doubt that this tropical fruit is a refreshing way to cool yourself down under the scorching sun. Those who are nuts about coconuts might very well agree with the recommendations on this list!


For the Original Coconut Shake
Get the original coconut shake ($5.80, regular size) from CocoBoss at all their outlets islandwide! Their shakes are truly the perfect blend of creaminess and sweetness, and what's more they're customisable—you get to choose your desired sugar level (0, 35, 75, 100%), and your preferred coconut meat crunch preference (bits or chunky).

Signature drinks ($6.90 each) are most definitely the Salted Caramel Coconut Shake, the Hazelnut Coconut Shake, and the Cookies & Cream Coconut Shake. Whichever you pick, you'll have the perfect drink to beat the heat!

Tree Coconut Nasi Lemak

For Coconut-Laden Nasi Lemak Rice
Helmed by two young female hawkers, Tree Coconut Nasi Lemak is located at Jalan Besar and is well-known for their nasi lemak dishes which comes in four different sets. One of which is the Nasi Lemak Set D ($4.90) that is filled with a substantial portion of crispy chicken wing, a runny egg, sambal, fresh Ikan Bilis, peanuts, Achar, and of course, fluffy rice that's laden with a milky aroma from being cooked with coconut.


For A Delicious Blend of Avocado and Coconut 
This one's a hot favourite among Burpplers for good reason! Between their chewy toppings, fresh blend of avocados, and their absolutely thirst-quenching filtered coconut juice, it's hard to pass up on Fruce whenever you see a stall near you. If you're a fan of both avocado and coconut, you simply can't go wrong with the Large Avocado Coconut Shake ($5.80) which boasts a creamy and refreshing taste that's elevated even further by the sweetness of the gula melaka mixed within.


For Coconut-flavoured Ice Cream Waffles
Head down to this coconut-themed cafe in the Yishun neighbourhood for their decadent desserts! Some must-try gelato flavours ($3.80 for a single scoop, $7.20 for a double scoop) are the Mango Sticky Rice, the Sea Salt Coconut, and the Gula Melaka Coconut that's inspired by Kueh Dadar and filled with grated coconut drenched in gula melaka. Don't forget to pair these with their super thick and crispy Charcoal Waffle ($5.50) for an extra crunch.

The Original Katong Laksa - Janggut Laksa

For Authentic Laksa Enriched with Coconut Milk
Pop by this casual eatery in Chinatown Point for a filling and delicious lunch! Load up your tummies with a warm and comforting bowl of their signature Janggut Laksa (from $6.90) which is sought after for its creamy, coconut-based soup and sambal chilli on top. The noodles are cut up on purpose so that you can eat with just a spoon; how fuss-free is that?

Old Amoy Chendol

For An Icy Chendol Dessert 
You absolutely can't go wrong with Old Amoy's chendol. Affordably priced and immensely satisfying, it's no wonder their Chendol ($2) is a big hit amongst the patrons who visit the hawker. Filled with shaved ice piled high, and topped with azuki beans, pandan jelly 'worms,' and cold-pressed coconut milk, you'll definitely be back for more once you've sampled this dessert bowl. The stall can survive on selling just this one item because it's just that good.

Sawadee Thai Cuisine

For Grilled Lobster Green Curry 
Sawadee certainly lives up to its reputation of being a restaurant that offers good service and quality Thai food. Must-haves include their Tom Kha Gai ($13) or Thai Coconut Chicken Soup that is served in coconut with chicken, galangal and mushroom, and their luxurious grilled lobster Green Curry which sees ingredients like eggplant, long bean, sweet basil, green curry paste, and coconut cream simmered together to form the ultimate broth. Topped with a succulent grilled lobster and served over a piping hot plate of white jasmine rice, this dish has proven to be a crowdpleaser through and through.

The Coconut Club

For All Things Coconut
Of course, this list would not be complete without The Coconut Club. As their name suggests, the restaurant prides themselves in all things coconut. In fact, coconut milk is their lifeblood and is the key ingredient in all of their dishes.

They are better known for their fragrant Nasi Lemak which features 2-year-old Jasmine rice that's infused with coconut, steamed to perfection, and paired with their sweet and savoury sambal. Their sets include the Ayam Goreng Berempah Leg Set ($18.80) which comes with spiced and fried organic chicken and crispy rempah crumbs, and the Selar Set ($18.80) that consists of Deep Fried Selar Kuning Fish with kecap manis.

End off your meal with their delicious desserts like the refreshing Coconut Jelly ($5.60) or the Kueh Sampler ($15.80), an assortment of Malay and Nonya kueh handmade fresh daily; namely, the glutinous rice and kaya pairing that is the Kueh Salat, steamed gula melaka rice cakes in the form of the Kueh Kosui, and of course, the buttery tapioca-laden Kueh Bingka.