Burpple Badges: Be Our Next Tastemaker & Supersharer!

We're back with our latest batch of Burpple Tastemakers and Supersharers! Click in to find out how to become part of our #ForeverHungry community, as well as our next selection date!

Let's face it - we wouldn't be much without all of you. Burpple is powered by our food-crazy and forever-hungry community of users just like you, and every single one of your reviews has helped over a million people discover new places to eat and great dishes to enjoy. 

As restaurants and F&B start their normal operations again, we're bringing back our Burpple Badges programme to highlight the particular bunch of dedicated Burpplers who have trawled the island to uncover the tastiest places to eat at. 

Presenting, our 2022 batch of Tastemakers:

1. Charmaine (@Cafehoppingkids)
2. Cassie (@cassakating)
3. Cecil (@cecildulam)
4. Emily (@yinkae)
5. Ethel (@flyeetelfly)
6. Iris (@nomninjas)
7. Jaslyn (@jayeats)
8. Jason (@KFCGod)
9. Joe (@MightyFoodie)
10. Jonathan (@jonnyboyeats)
11. Julius (@juliuslim)
12. Li Ting (@fatspoting)
13. Maureen (@72128)
14. Miss Ha (@missha)
15. Nicole (@coleats)
16. Pat (@onion_garlic)
17. Russell (@bulkingbro)
18. Serene (@serenetomato)
19. Siming (@siming)
20. Tammy (@timtam_tum)
21. Triffany (@3ferny)
22. Vanessa (@vanessa_kou)
23. Veronica (@veronicaphua)
24. Wei Ping (@thefoodadv)
25. Wei Zhi (@cweizhi)
26. Xing Wei (@the_xw)

For those not in the know, here's the low down:

To qualify for Tastemaker selection, a user has to fulfill the Supersharer requirements first. The Burpple team then hand-picks those who are especially passionate for all things delicious and Burpple. Tastemakers usually spend way too much time in the app and thinking about their next meal, know the product like the back of their hands, share their feedback with the team frequently, and embody Burpple’s values.

Eatup session at Dancing Crab

Perks of being a Burpple Tastemaker include: 

- Priority invites to Eatups (exclusive tastings at restaurants where you'll get the chance to meet like-minded foodies)
- Priority invites to community events
- Burpple Beyond perks
- Limited edition Burpple merchandise
- Product sneak peeks
- Feedback sessions to help us improve Burpple directly

The Supersharer badge is for Burpplers who have shared at least 30 quality reviews every quarter. If you have tons of food photos on your phone, why not start your journey to becoming one now?

Eatup session at The Assembly Ground

Perks of being a Burpple Supersharer include: 

- Invites to Eatups
- Invites to community events
- Burpple Beyond perks
- Limited edition Burpple merchandise
- Feedback sessions to help us improve Burpple directly

For more information about Badges and Levels, please click here.

Be a part of our #ForeverHungry community!

You don’t need many words to write a good review. Just ask yourself: will this review help my fellow Burpplers in deciding where and what to eat? Know where to get the best Hokkien mee, which cafes serve all-day breakfast and have a sixth sense for hidden gems?

Our next selection is in July 2022, so download the Burpple app and start chalking up those reviews now!