Burpple Beyond Deals: Bugis

Bugis is a hot spot for food haunts, and rightfully so! It just so happens that there are many #BurppleBeyond deals in the vicinity too so be sure to get your money's worth while you're there.

Yummo Chow: 1-For-1 Main Dish (save ~$17)
Photo by Yummo Chow | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Mar 2023

For Wonderful Western Food
Yummo Chow is best known for their wonderful western food! Whether it's small bites or a filling meal you're after, they've got everything that'll satisfy your cravings. Try out appetisers like the Spam Fries ($10.90) or the Deep Fried Chicken Wings ($10.90) and go for mains such as the Spaghetti Meatball ($18.90) or the BBQ Pork Ribs ($25.90). Don't forget to top this all off with some of their beverages as well.

Pasta & Co.: 1-For-1 Main Dish (save ~$18)
Photo by Pasta & Co. | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Jun 2023

For Fresh Handmade Pasta 
Pasta & Co. brings you impeccable Italian cuisine. We're talking fresh handmade pasta with a twist of flavours! Start with the Caesar Salad ($10.90) or their Soup Of The Day ($6.90) before digging into popular mains like the Carbonara ($19.90) and the Beef Bolognese ($19.90). And, perhaps add on sides such as the Sauteed Mushrooms ($5) or the Truffle Fries ($8.90) if you're still feeling peckish.

Royale (Mercure Singapore Bugis): 1-For-1 Mains (save ~$20)
Photo by Royale | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023

For Both International & Local Cuisine 
Dine in at Royale’s regal setting in the heart of Bugis and indulge in the very best of international and local cuisine. Mains such as the Chicken Parmigiana ($18) aim only to please—this one’s baked with tomato fondue and melted cheese, and served with a side of mixed greens, along with spiced fries.

Taan Asian Grill Bar: 30 Skewers (Sun-Thu) (save ~ $48)
Photo by Taan Asian Grill Bar | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2023

For 50 Different Kinds Of Skewers 
Have a skewer party at Taan Asian Grill Bar which offers over 50 skewers with a choice of 4 different seasonings that'll surely accommodate all sorts of different taste buds! Flavours to look out for include Teriyaki, Spicy Miso, and Kimchi. And, of course, must-have skewers are the fiery, chilli-dusted Mid Wings, the tender Yunnan Grilled Pork Neck, and the smoky Grilled Oyster with Minced Garlic.

Whiskdom (Bugis): $26 For Box Of 6 (save ~$13)
Photo by Whiskdom | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023

For Phenomenal Cookies & Brownies
Whiskdom is a small independent bakery that makes phenomenal cookies and brownies from scratch! Better known for their chunky and ooey-gooey cookies as well as brownies that ooze with fillings, you’re guaranteed some decadent treats for sure. Get their classic Assorted Six box ($38) that comes with the following flavours: an Original Chunky Chocolate Chip, a Dark Chocolate Overloaded cookie, a Berries and Creme cookie, a Salted Dark Chocolate brownie, a Speculoos Delight brownie, and a Matcha Cocoa brownie.

Fat Bird (Bugis): 30% Off Signature Chicken Pot (L)  (save ~ $11.60)
Photo by Fatbird | *Deal Expiry Date: 31 Dec 2023 

For Your Own Customisable Chicken Pot
Fat Bird's signature Chicken Pot is what patrons keep coming back for time and time again! Customers can choose from 8 different signature pots with customisable spice levels (from mild to extremely spicy), and they can add on 40 different sides—all of which will be cooked together to form a personal pot. The Spicy & Fragrant Chicken ($32.80 for regular, $38.80 for large) is a popular pick as a base!

Beyond Fruit (Bugis Junction): $12.90 Fruit Fiesta Bowl (~save $4) 
Photo by Beyond Fruit| *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023 

For Guilt-Free Sticky Yogurts
Presenting Singapore’s first Sticky Yoghurt, created through Beyond Fruit’s unique fermentation process which uses UHT milk and yogurt culture; the result is five times more probiotics than usual. There is also absolutely no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring in their products so you can enjoy guilt-free yogurt with fresh fruits for added sweetness! Try out their Fruit Fiesta Bowl ($12.90) and you'll see what we mean.

Thailicious Boat Noodles
Photo by Thailicious Boat Noodles | *Deal Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2023 

For Authentic Thai Boat Noodles 
'Kuay Teow Ruea', better known as 'Boat Noodles' originated from Bangkok back in 1940! Today, you can get an authentic rendition of the Thai Boat Noodles ($7.50 for a standard portion, choose either pork or beef) at Thailicious Boat Noodles—this comes with a portion of springy rice noodles, tender sliced meat, meatballs, pork liver, and some vegetables, topped with a boiling soup. The soup consists of Thai herbs and spices such as Galangal, Ginger, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Coriander, and Kaffir Lime Leaves; so yes, this is jam packed with flavourful goodness.