Best Watering Holes For Beer In Singapore

Are you on the lookout for an ice cold pint of beer to beat the heat? Here are some of the best watering holes for just that!

Whether it's imported craft beers or local brews, there's definitely no shortage of bars or microbreweries around the island; you just have to know where to look. This one's for all you hopheads out there.

Smith Street Taps

For The Original Beer Hawker 
Located in Chinatown, Smith Street Taps is a beer hawker that's dedicated to bringing in 20 premium local and international craft beers (prices vary) on tap—this includes the classic Mirkeller which is known for its experimental and novel brews. All their beers, ciders, meads, and sakes onsite are refrigerated so you're sure to get a chilled drink when you arrive!


For Binary's Very Own Craft Brew
Gastro-bar Binary's Craft Brew ($16) is a must-try for discerning beer connoisseurs! Watch as their bartender pours you an extra creamy chilled glass that's filled with just the right amount of beer head. Smooth with corn-like notes and a subtle barley sweetness, this refreshing brew is the perfect way to end the week (and start the weekend).


For Artisan Craft Beers 
Situated in the Chinese Druggists Association building, the aptly-named Druggists is home to all sorts of artisan craft beers. We're talking everything from the Coco Crush Double NEIPA and the Lardy-dardy to the Whirl Domination and the Zeusberry (half pints start at $6++, full pints start at $11++). Just a heads up: the line-up changes from time to time so you'd have to look at their blackboard to see what they have in store when you pay them a visit!

Cuba Libre

For A Wide Selection of Draft Beer
There's truly no better way to kickstart the weekend than having a tipple at Cuba Libre! For the last 14 years, this bar has been the home of Latin American music, parties, and insta-worthy mojitos. And, let's not forget their draft beers which are always served chilled.

Options to choose from include Carlsberg Green Label ($17 for 1 pint), Asahi Super Dry ($18 for 1 pint), Kronenbourg Blanc ($19 for 1 pint), a premium Dutch beer called Oranjeboom ($14 per bottle), Corona ($15 per bottle), Heineken ($15 per bottle) and of course, Guinness Draught ($17 for 440ml can).

The Guild

For Young Master Brewery Fans 
Young Master Brewery's very first taproom, The Guild, prides themselves in old fashioned hospitality and warmth. Not to mention, refined comfort food that's paired with modern craft beers. As the bar and restaurant strongly believes in supporting small-scale, artisanal producers (from brewers and farmers, to distillers and wine-makers), you'll find that their comprehensive drinks menu mostly features independent craft beers and all-natural wines.

Their Core Beers include 'Another One' ($14), a crushable, juicy and smooth all-day session ale, 'Fleeting Clouds' ($14), a citrusy and zesty wheat beer, as well as the salted lime 'Cha Chaan Teng Gose' ($14).

Good Intentions

For Local Beer Labels & Greasy Burgs 
Behold, Good Intentions. As the joint strives to be both a café and bar, you'll notice that they serve everything from brunch and coffee, to burgers (courtesy of Bergs Burgers) and beer. Their bar counter that's lined with at least 15 beer taps sees a pretty local selection including the likes of Alive Brewing, Off Day Beer Co, Until We Travel, and Niang Brewing Co (from $14). So what are you waiting for? Get some cold pints to wash down those deliciously greasy burgs!

Orh Gao

For A Craft Beer Haven
Orh Gao Taproom might look like an unassuming 'Kopitiam' during the day but the site actually doubles up as a craft beer haven by night; come evening time, you'll see baristas servings ice-cold pints of beer instead of traditional kopis. Word on the street is they've currently got 10 taps on rotation, and will occasionally bring in some seasonal picks from international labels when the mood strikes.

As of now, some of the draught beers (prices vary) they're carrying include Brewlander's Freedom, One Drop Brewing Co.'s Strawberry & Hibiscus Sour, and Boneyard Beer's RPM IPA, just to name a few. Bottled beers are aplenty too!