Best Date Night Restaurants In Singapore

Take your favourite person out for your ideal date night with these choice picks — sip on cocktails, feast on Greek food, or sink into delicious chirashi dons filled with fresh sashimi!

We smell romance in the air! Whether it's a weekly date night, big anniversary or anything else in between, we got you covered with these picks for a romantic dinner with great lighting, impressive food, and solid drinks to get the mood going.

Photo by Burppler Vanessa Kou

For Buttery Goodness
Beurre reopened this March after a lengthy renovation to reveal a new selection of butter-driven European and Asian dishes, perfect for buttering up the love. Burppler Vanessa Kou ordered their Wagyu Gold Mash ($18) and "The silken mash was perfectly buttery and creamy - went exceptionally well with the meaty flavour of the wagyu." As for Burppler Julius Lim, his favourite of the evening was the Seared Scallops Risotto ($26), prepared with kimchi barley risotto and served with seared garlic shoots, pork fat cracker and lardon."

Photo by Burppler aggs & xi :D

For Greek Fun
Decked out in a palette of white and light wood, this gorgeous space serves authentic Greek fare with cosy vibes for a laid-back date. Burppler aggs & xi gave the Chicken Yiro Merida ($23.90) a shot, comprising of "grilled meat from a big skewer, so you get some crisp bits. It’s flavourful (from the herbs/spices) but not salty." She also tried the Vegetarian Moussaka ($22.90), which "was good too! The eggplant, potatoes and bechamel sauce came together nicely and was very tasty." Bakalaki is perpetually crowded, so plan ahead or risk disappointing your date!

Chura Sushi Bar
Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

For Value-For-Money Japanese
This little joint in the basement of Suntec City is the newest concept from the people behind Aburi-En and Tamago-En. Impress your loved one with the many nigiri and sushi rolls on the menu, including the signature Chura Roll ($25.80) with uni, caviar, sea grapes and mixed sashimi. Burpple Xing Wei Chua says while the sushi here is good, it’s hard not to ignore offerings such as the Chura Chirashi ($25.80), which is "probably one of the more visually attractive Chirashi Dons out there. The diced cubes of sashimi are relatively fresh, I liked how all the elements come diced in a good size that allows for a good chew that checks all the right boxes in the textural department."

Jekyll & Hyde

For Cocktails & Sharing Plates
This place has come a long way since its inception in 2013. Its newish location at Neil Road goes beyond cocktails with a brand new food and drinks menu that includes exciting things like Wagyu Char Kway Teow ($27) and Red Wine Japanese Curry with Sakura Pork Shoulder ($22). Burppler Cheryl Lim calls Jekyll and Hyde "hands down my favourite bar in Singapore. I always enjoy their unique concoctions and interesting flavors," saying she is in love with their clarified P&C Cocktail ($22), a concoction of pineapple-infused whisky, dark chocolate, creme de cacao and cinnamon syrup — just one of their 16 signature cocktails!

Photo by Burppler Julius Lim

For Supporting Local Produce
Get ready to get your idea of Southeast Asian food turned upside down! The food at Laut utilises mainly seafood sourced locally or around the region. Dig into the innovative Squid Gado ($27) with seared whole squid, peanut sauce and tasty fish crackers. Other dishes to check out include the elevated and crispy Carrot Cake ($15) and yummy Otah ($37) that blends together barramundi, mackerel and squid. Burppler Julius Lim can't get enough of the desserts in the form of a Tart Limau ($11) and "my favourite Pisang Laut ($11), a shell-shaped fried tapioca with banana in it. Overall, the dining experience was so good that I am making plans to return for the ala carte dinner menu that has more dishes and bigger sharing plates."

Salted & Hung
Photo by Burppler Gary Lim

For Sustainable Dating
Salted & Hung has always been popular for its philosophy of minimal wastage, and now, they have a menu that creatively uses all parts of their ingredients — from bone to the innards. Burppler Justin Teo likes their Cured Meats, claiming that "Chef Drew also knows his produce well, and that allows him to make the best cured products." Burppler Gary Lim also loves the set menus here (from $148), especially "the Aged Turbot with turbot tea broth and turbot liver vin jaune sauce, as well as the Green Lip Abalone with savoy cabbage and charcuterie broth that he makes with the leftovers from his famous cured meats."

Fat Prince
Photo by Burppler Mystickal / Melly W

For Middle Eastern Funk
From the team behind popular izakaya Neon Pigeon comes this Middle Eastern joint oozing hipster pizzazz. Prepare your taste buds to go on a journey of Middle Eastern spices and flavours — think kebabs, falafels and everything in between. Burppler Mystickal / Melly W said the true highlight of their night was the Fried Cauliflower ($14). "Ever had bad cauliflower? I have — it’s plain, monotonous, and incredibly uninspired. 0/10 would eat again. However, when done well, it’s one of my favs! The night’s rendition was beautiful: lightly crunchy, gently spiced, and all-around nutty. I could not stop eating it." Seriously, everything here is pretty darn good.

Miss Fitz
Photo by Burppler Alicia Ho

For Holiday Vibes at Marina Bay
This resto-bar at The Sails might be difficult to get to, but the charm lies in its reclusiveness and of course, tasty Mediterranean grub. Their latest dining menu focuses on traditional Spanish-style tapas and small to medium sharing plates, perfect for mixing with their large gin and tonic goblets and cocktail spritzes. Signature favourites include the Charred Octopus ($18) with rosemary lemon gremolata, Spiced Cauliflower and Chickpeas ($25) with spinach, avocado, pomegranate & tahini dressing and the Beef Short Rib ($35) that's been sous vide for 15 hours!

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