Best Affordable Chirashi Bowls in Singapore

Can't get enough of raw fish and seafood? Here's our list of places to enjoy a solid chirashi don without burning a hole in your pocket.

Who doesn't love a good chirashi don? These Japanese rice bowls come with everything from fresh salmon and tuna to ikura and tamago, colourfully presented in a beautiful bowl. Some even come with premium ingredients like scallop and uni!

Koji Sushi Bar
Photo by Burppler Mich C


For Uni-Topped Chirashi
Koji Sushi Bar at Pickering Street and Raffles City not only serves ocean-fresh sushi and sashimi, but also offer a selection of delectable chirashi bowls! The regular portion ($18) comes with generous cubes of salmon, tuna, swordfish, yellowtail and jellyfish, topped with tempura bits to add a slight crunch. If you feel like going over the top, simply add a mere $9 for uni for the perfect seafood experience.

Photo by Burppler Triffany Lim

For Chirashi in a Snazzy Setting
This buzzy joint along Upper Thomson boasts a marble bar, neon signs, gold accents, and of course, awesome chirashi bowls, setting the right mood for celebrations and everything in between. The Omote Chirashi Don ($12.80 or $18.80) is one for the books — a satisfying meal of slightly sweet rice served with a hearty mound of well-marinated sashimi, including prawns, octopus, squid and tuna. If you're feeling fancy, opt for their Grilled Unagi Chirashi ($25.80) which has all the seafood you love, plus a generous serving of grilled eel.

Teppei Syokudo
Photo by Burppler Whatisdigesting 😋

For Teppei's Famous Chirashi
Teppei Syokudo's much raved-about Kaisen Don ($16) is one of the most value-for-money ones out there, and it doesn't compromise on quality or flavour. With every mouth, you can expect to taste the freshly cut Tuna, Salmon, Yellowtail and Scallop punctuated by salty bursts of ikura. Their Aburi Salmon Don ($16) is also a crowd favourite, with slices of salmon, partially grilled on top of Japanese white rice and garnished with Ikura.

Umi Nami
Photo by Burppler k & w's table


For No-Frills Chirashi
Located conveniently near Holland Village MRT, Umi Nami is no longer a hidden gem as it has grown increasingly popular with its fuss-free chirashi bowls. Burppler got the Bara Chirashi ($10) and said they were good quality, being served with large chunks of sashimi atop sticky sushi rice with a distinct vinegar taste." Be sure to try the popular Aburi Scallop Salmon Don ($17), which sees perfectly charred scallops coupled alongside succulent salmon and roe. Remember to head down early if you want to avoid the dinner crowd!

The Sushi Bar
Photo by Burppler Lee Pei Yi

For Aburi Chirashi
This popular no-frills Japanese restaurant needs no introduction — the crowd speaks for itself. Be sure to order The Sushi Bar's ever-popular and generously portioned Kaisen Chirashi Don ($22.90/$26.90) to enjoy an extensive selection of fresh fish all in one bowl, including salmon, tuna, yellowtail, swordfish, together with seared salmon belly, scallop, ikura and tamago. If raw sashimi isn’t your thing, you can also opt for their Aburi Chirashi Don ($26.90), which sees wonderfully torched sashimi over rice.

Sen of Japan
Photo by Burppler Woan Jing Liew


For Premium Chirashi
If you're looking for something fancier but still value-for-money, we recommend going for Sen of Japan’s flavorful Premium Chirashi Don, which tops the price range here at $98. Burppler Woan Jing Liew gives this a 9 out of 10, as "the sashimi was soo thick and super fresh. You can almost taste a tinge of the sea while eating it. There were salmon belly, scallop, uni, tuna, swordfish and 2 others. All of them tasted so fresh."

Chirashi King Kong
Photo by Burppler Gladys Ng

For Truffle Chirashi
Apart from their fresh toppings, Chirashi King Kong’s truffle oil-infused rice is also the main star of the show and has been high-raved about by the community. The must-try Chirashi King Kong ($14.90) doubles up on fresh bluefin tuna belly, served both minced and sliced. For those who prefer a little variety in the mix, opt for the also-good Salmon Tuna Bowl ($9.90) that melds lightly seared tuna with fresh salmon sashimi!

House Of Chirashi
Photo by Burppler Viv Ho

For Insta-worthy Chirashi
Looking for the prettiest Japanese bowls in town? Turn your eyes towards House of Chirashi, a hidden gem within East Village in Simpang Bedok. This small 9-seater restaurant offers both regular chirashi don (from $21.80) as well as bara chirashi, which sees the sashimi in cubes instead of sliced. Burppler Jaslyn Li tried the former as said the "sashimi slices are super thick, firm & fresh; prawn is crunchy & with natural sweetness; the aburi salmon belly is soft, with light smoky taste; unagi taste not too sweet or salty, quite good; with crispy salmon skin that is fried in-house so not salty."