ASPA: Asian-Spanish Tapas Joint Serving Singapore's First Claypot Paella

Are you a fan of claypot rice and paella? If so, we’ve got just the food haunt for you!

Enter ASPA: an Asian-Spanish tapas joint serving Singapore’s first Claypot Paella.

Nestled within the tranquil greenery in Aranda Country Club, this contemporary restaurant which is largely inspired by casual homestyle cooking, serves up a wide array of traditional Spanish food but with an added Asian twist.

This marriage of different ingredients not only creates a greater synergy between the flavours of their dishes but also makes for a more dynamic tasting recipe as a whole.

Here are some dishes you’d want to try when you’re there:

Passion Fruit Scallop Ceviche ($12++)

Featuring Hokkaido cured scallops in a citrus-infused dressing of lemongrass and passion fruit, along with kaffir lime leaves and chilli, the Passion Fruit Scallop Ceviche ($12++) is the perfect appetiser to begin your meal with. The tangy taste of the Thai-style dressing is refreshing and complements the natural brininess of the scallops to a T.

Roasted Octopus ($16++)

You truly can’t go wrong with the Roasted Octopus ($16++), a classic dish popular in Spain’s Galicia region. Paired with the potato parmentier, the Atlantic Octopus that is cooked in beer is char-grilled on the outside and yet extremely tender and succulent on the inside.

Croquetas ($8 for 3 pieces)

The Croquetas ($8 for 3) is another dish that deserves a shout. Encased within the deep-fried dumpling is a Spanish-style bechamel that bursts in your mouth when the crunchy exterior is bitten into—best eaten when served hot!

Masak Lemak Chilli Api Paella ($28++)

What sets this Spanish paella apart from the others is that it's prepared in a claypot, a method commonly adopted in Asian cooking. Here, the robust flavours of the Arroz Caldoso (Spanish for “brothy rice”) are further enhanced by the smokiness that comes from the slightly charred rice grains at the base of the claypot.

They have four delectably creamy paellas to choose from but we recommend you opt for their signature Masak Lemak Chilli Api Paella ($28++) that’s topped with blue mussels, calamari, and prawns, mixed in with an aromatic coconut-laden masak lemak gravy that’s made from scratch.

Churros ($10)

Finish off your meal with the classic Churros ($10) and kaya dip (inspired by the traditional Singaporean breakfast) instead of a chocolate sauce! It certainly comes as no surprise that the crispy churros go insanely well with the creamy kaya and pure honeycomb drizzled onto the plate.