Heat & Meat : Guinness Flavor By Fire

Grilling is already a hot event by itself, and Guinness is looking to add more by featuring some amazing stout infused dishes

Guinness Flavour By Fire is back again and will be happening from the 18th to the 20th of August at Sentul Depot, KL, and 2nd to 3rd September at Fort Cornwallis, Penang. We had a sneak peak of what to look forward to at the event.

Flavour By FireGet ready for a grilling-good time!

Great Stout Meets Great Food
The festival will be showcasing a variety of specially curated Guinness-infused flame cooked meals, seafoods and desserts. We got a taste of what a huge difference the Maillard reaction does to meats, as well as how this can be complimented with some good old dark stout.

GuinnessLet the pints flow!

And More Guinness
It's in the name, surely you would run into a pint or two if you were to drop by. We enjoyed freshly poured droughts of this fire-roasted barley based beverage as we savored dishes which had it incorporated into their preparation. Here are some that blew our socks off

Guinness Sticky Lamb RibsSucculent tender lamb ribs!

Tender Lamb Ribs, Loaded With Flavor
Created by celebrity chef Johnny Fua and Sherson Lian from Kitchen Mafia, this rack was truly impressive. Tender meat that slips off the bones is to be expected, but the immense sweet, savory, smoky and mildly bitter flavor from the infusion of Guinness truly had us sold. This is the best example of flame grilled meets stout, and the awesome flavor that comes with it.

Guinness Chicken Char SiewChar Siew chicken rice reimagined

Local Classic Gets A Glow Up
This was the first dish we were presented with, and at first it seemed like regular old chicken rice. But the first bite convinced us otherwise. The traditional BBQ sauce received a much more complex flavor thanks to the inclusion of Guinness into the recipe, which gave the classic Umami undertones a more mature and bold flavor.

Flourless Chocolate Cake With Sea Salt.A creamy smooth delight

Guinness Infused Cream
A moist chocolate cake was the perfect end to the meal, and the Guinness infused cream was a nice addition, giving layered sweetness and body to the dessert.

There's MoreLook out for a variety of dishes that will make an appearance during the festival

Seafood, Cookies and Popcorn.
The three dishes we tried were merely teasers of the actual festival offerings. Drop by during the festival and you'll be able to try out Guinness infused Tiger prawns, salmon, Korean skewers, Porchetta, tacos, and even popcorn and cookies!

In the meantime, here's a short reel to get a better feel of the event. See you there!