4 Must-Tries At The New Happy Ending Pizza Parlour

Do you usually leave your crusts unfinished? You won't want to at Happy Ending Pizza Parlour with their Happy Dips, unique pizza flavours and amazing fluffy chewy crusts!

Pizza that's a little wet in the middle doesn't sound ideal, but it's actually the signature characteristic of Neapolitan-style pizzas. This is the type of pizza you'll find at the newly-opened Happy Ending Pizza Parlour at CityGate, and it's damn delicious.

We recently visited the pizza chain with a bunch of Burpple Tastemakers in tow, and they all have had good things to say. For one, Burppler Russell Leong calls this place a "pleasure parlour of the pizza variety". Burppler Amanda Liu adds that "the owner experimented numerous times to get the right fluffiness and airiness."

After all, Happy Ending Pizza Parlour's owner Janan Kwek first discovered his love for pizza after visiting Seirinkan, arguably the best pizza spot in Tokyo, so you know the benchmark is high.

As Burppler Dex Neo says "Happy Ending actually refers to their crust, something I usually put aside to save on calories, but somehow I found myself finishing everything here!" This is thanks to them using the finest flour air-flown from Italy and a fermentation and maturation process that takes at least 72 hours, resulting in a light and airy crust that you won't want to throw away.

Janan also came up with the idea of Happy Dips in flavours like Chilli Crab, Bacon Jam, Zesty Red Pesto so that you can dip your crusts in and enjoy them to the very last bit - happy ending guaranteed!

Here are 4 must-try unique and bold flavours at this hot new pizza spot:

Holy Crab! ($28)

That's right, it's a crabby pizza topped that's full of seafood-y umami goodness, topped with real succulent crab meat, cherry tomatoes, mozz and parmesan cheese. Burppler Siming T personally enjoyed this pizza with its "chunks of crab meat and their in-house chilli crab sauce over their special light and delicious pizza crust."

Comes with Chilli Crab Dip for a perfect happy ending

Spicy Babe ($28)

Spice up your day with this mala-inspired pizza! Mala-infused tomato sauce base with beef toppings, cherry tomato, mozzarella and parmesan smothered in Sichuan chilli. Plunge your crust in the ranch dip for a hot numbing sensation. Can't take too much heat? Don't worry, Burppler Amanda Liu gives this a medium heat (zhong la) rating. "However, the spiciness and numbness balance out pretty well, allowing for the tangy-sweet cherry tomatoes to shine!"

Comes with Cooling Ranch Dip for a perfect happy ending

Sweet Dreams ($26)

Burppler Russell Leong says this pizza is "what sweet dreams are made of." Look forward to a flavourful combination of mozzarella, blue cheese, parmesan, and ricotta. With honey drizzled all over this pizza and a complimentary dip to pair, you can even enjoy this as a dessert pizza!

Comes with Honey Dip for a perfect happy ending

Mushroom Madness ($27)

Mad about mushrooms? Think a meatless pizza that's perfect for our vegetarian friends out there, loaded with three savoury mushrooms, gooey cheese and sprinkled with exquisite truffle oil. Burpple Russell Leong calls this "stretchy, carby sourdough that's capped by three different mushrooms." Along with cheese, mushrooms and carbs, "Yep, impossible to go wrong."

Comes with Garlic Mushroom Dip for a perfect happy ending

Bonus: Truffle Arancini ($12)

Perfectly-fried truffle mushroom risotto rice balls sitting on a bed of tangy-sweet marinara sauce is not something you'd think of in a pizza place, but we say this is definitely one side dish to order. Burppler Amanda Liu loves that "the hint of truffle is subtle (smell-wise), but when you bite into it, the gentle aroma of truffle perfumes every possible taste bud & senses in your body to give you that nice oomph, leaving you wanting to dive into it another time."

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