Whenever my family (or rather my father) have that craving for BBQ meat, this would be the one place we will head down. Located at United Square, Novena, this really cheap family-run (Koreans) restaurant have all the checkbox ticked. Simple setting of wooden table and chairs, with all the marinated meat, vegetables, cooked food, drinks and sauces locates specifically at a corner. Waiters hustled and bustled, Korean family walking around to show hospitality, I felt like I have just returned to Seoul having a blast of a time. And I truly do. Noisy, cafeteria dinning, wafted with strong and serious BBQ action going on, family dinners are meant for this! Their food are very legit, and everyone's hot favourite would be the fried chicken wings. Personally found their kimchi stew very yummy! And their kimchi are one of the better ones in Singapore!