A real walk down memory lane with this cafe. I have been meaning to dine here for some time but it’s opening hours are very short every day and huge crowds fill up its rather limited indoor dining area very quickly. Especially weekends.

So yesterday I came at 4.45pm, a full 15 mins before it’s listed opening hours in Google. To my surprise, it was already half filled with patrons with their half finished meals. Huh?

Anyway I ordered my 3 piece plate fried chicken. 15 mins later my piping hot fried chicken with coleslaw and mashed potatoes was served. The coleslaw was crunchy fresh, slightly sweet and tangy. The mashed potatoes came drizzled with a sauce that is lighter in colour compared with KFC’s. But the savoury and pepper taste is similar and goes well with the silky mashed potatoes.

The star of the dish was the fried chicken. You get a drum stick, a thigh part and a chicken wing. The exterior skin were ultra crispy and the meat is impossibly juicy and tender. Much much better than KFC and this must be one of the best fried chicken in Singapore today. Coupled with chilli sauce, I polished off the plate in no time. At this moment, I was beginning to dread the moment when I will finish my fried chicken.

Yes yes it is not the most healthy food choice out there with the salt, the fats and calories. But if you can only have one sinful meal a week, I strongly recommend that you go for this.