I think it’s hard to pick a favourite at Fat Lulu’s. Every dish had an element or two that made me sigh overly-passionate anime character-style. Drawn by the excellent reviews, I not-so-subtly suggested my husband pick the River Valley Road native for our anniversary. Robust flavours, cheekily named desserts, and hearty chunky meats make up the menu here. Even the vegetables have an edge to them. One of the stars of the night was the delectable Open-Faced Beef Ravioli (a special of the week that I say should be on the regular menu), a seductive saucer of pasta draped over a mountain of glistening beef and spinach, topped with a web of cheese. Intriguing upon first glance and alive with flavour. The layers of pasta mimic the subtle beauty of dumpling skin, smooth with a light bite, and thin enough not to distract from the filling. Luscious strands of fall-apart tender beef mixed with spinach sit swimming in thick gravy. Umami comes to mind as you take a bite, the warmth of beef stew and comfort of sinfully-delicious carbs the perfect foil against a chilly evening. The sprinkling of cheese is subtle, so subtle that it is neither complimentary nor contradictory, it exists in its unimportance, a mere decoration. You’ll be loath to share this, each bite leaving you with a growing selfishness that will have you growling through gritted teeth “Joey doesn’t share food!” - sorry husband, I know you wanted more hahaha #fatlulus