Touched down at Changi in the afternoon and decided to head for an early dinner at Jewel. Having tried Lenu at multiple outlets (Funan, Jem, RWS), we can say that it is one of the chains with pretty consistent standards cross its outlets and a safe choice to go for when you’re craving a bowl of Chinese style noodles. With noodles cooked to a chewy texture (we actually still prefer Tongue Tip’s noodles though), the chili oil vinaigrette provided each mouthful with a delicate balance of spice, acidity and umami. The dumplings were also nicely wrapped with a generous chunk of minced pork. For fans of coriander or spring onions, you may request for an additional serving of these herbs to go with your noodles. The servings at Lenu tend to be quite big and you’re sure to leave the establishment with your tummies satisfied. There is also the ability to top-up your mains with a drink (with options such as green tea and soft drinks) and a side (such as black fungus and braised tofu).

Service was also efficient - our food came shortly after we placed our orders online.

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