It’s #fishfriday and I’m again in the mood for some fish and chips. Got the Snapper Fish & Chips ($16.50) from @greenwoodfishmarket not too long ago to satisfy my fish and chips cravings.

Think crisp, light batter that encases the three pieces of flaky, mildly flavoured snapper. You could tell that the snapper was fresh and I like how the batter isn’t filled with oil till the point that it bloats up your stomach.

For the chips, they are freshly fried till crispy yet retaining the potato’s fluffiness on the inside. But the problem is these medium cut chips turn soggy will fast when you takeaway. So best is to douse it with some malt vinegar.

Sad to say, the newly launched Mushy Peas ($5.95) was dry and lumpy. The kitchen has some work to do here.

What’s served at Greenwood Fish Market’s version is the Australian fish and chips. I’m inherently biased and I very much prefer British fish and chips.

Also on offer are the House Fish & Chips ($11.50) and Barramundi Fish & Chips ($16.50).