Hai Tien Lo by Jerlin Tan | Burpple

4⭐ Had dinner at Hai Tien Lo to clock the Amex dining discount. We ordered two mains, one portion of sea perch and a rice. We were impressed by the eight treasure rice as it's good to eat it on its own without any sides. The chicken fillet is slightly spicy for me as it's cooked with Gong Bao sauce. The sweet and sour pork is coated with the right flour proportion without the batter being too thick and yet the pork is so tender. This is our 3rd time here and we still enjoyed the different dishes so far.
#HaiTienLo #StirfriedChickenFilletWithCashewNutsAndCrispyFishSkinsInSzechuanSpicyGongBoSauce #AgedVinaigretteSweetAndSourIbericoPorkWithLychee #BakedCanadianSeaPerchFilletwithKumquatChilliSauce
#EightTreasureWok-friedRice #AmexSg