We arrived past 8 in the morning and could already see people streaming in. With a chic open kitchen concept and lots of open space under the warehouse building, this was indeed an attractive place to chill at, over a coffee and one of their renowned croissants.
We selected a few, including an original, chocolate, almond and cheese croissants. Their croissant by itself was pretty tasty. Thin layers of flaky crust with a light fluffy fill. Pretty much how a good croissant should be.
Although some might argue that their croissants couldn’t compare to that from France, but these were, in our opinions, already good. The ones with fillings that we tried were also delicious in their own flavours.
So the ultimate question: were these worth the queue? We will want to be able to seat ourselves and enjoy a coffee with the croissants after some queue. A pity there were limited seats at the cafe so for takeaways we think probably 15 mins would still be acceptable.
However, for S’poreans the KPI should be very different. If one can wait 2 hours for A&W, that will be nothing for these yummy croissants.

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