- King Prawn Dumpling: this has the most generous portion of prawn! Must order!
- Prawn Spinach Dumpling: The ingredients are so fresh! Must order if you like veggie! 🐷
- Phoenix claws: the claws are smaller compared to other places but it’s braised until just nice!
- Xiao Long Bao: it’s a lot bigger than usual Xiao Long bao, and a lot of meat inside
- Golden Egg yolk Lava Bun: we all agreed this is the best lava bun. Must order if you are here then you will know what we mean❤️❤️
- Crispy Golden Shrimp Roll: up to standard
- Queen Size Siew Mai: comes in 4 pcs, the rest all come in 3 pcs. Nice also
- Teow Cheow Style Steamed Dumpling: has lots of turnip. The ingredients felt so fresh and comes together really v well! Another must order!! 😋😋

🤩Overall rating: 9/10