Fluffy and soft pita bread with delicious falafel, hummus, fresh salad, tahini, amba (pickled mango), and harissa. A delightful combination of creaminess from the homemade sesame, freshness from the greens, and sweet-sour-spicy seasoning. Came with a generous portion of 6 (or was it 5?) deep fried falafels that weren’t as crisp compared to having them on the side/ as part of the taste all platter ($25) but still enjoyably moist and soft. Not the easiest to eat with each bite varying slightly depending on what it carries but highly satisfying and filling overall!

Do note that they are vegan-friendly and halal-approved!

⚠️ 1-1 sandwiches with @burpple makes this an affordable $4.50! Do note that it’s takeaway only but tip: there’s benches at the nearby DUO to sit and enjoy these pitas.

📍@pitabakerysingapore, 29 Bali lane, Singapore

Insta: cafehoppingkids