Was at Vatos Urban Tacos on a Sunday night; it was pretty filled but we made a reservation on Google.

We were offered their tortilla with two dips (salsa) when we first arrived. Complimentary water was also given.

As usual, their tacos were delicious. The beer battered fish was well fried and offered a delightful crunch that went well with the soft corn tortillas to be wrapped around it. The tomato and cabbage slaw above the proteins were refreshing and introduced some acidity to their tacos, while preventing them from getting to dry. However, if you leave them the tacos there for too long, the sauces may make the tortillas rather wet so they break apart very easily. The prawn tacos were also really well executed, with their prawns nicely deep fried while retaining their juicy interior.

We ordered 3 sets of 3 tacos for 3 pax and they were really filling. We also tried their margaritas, which were stronger than average in terms of the alcohol content. They were refreshing and the salt on the rims went pretty well with the acidity from the lime juice. A pretty good accompaniment to their tacos, the margaritas help complete your Mexican cuisine experience in a nice cozy setting. It’s also a place where you can try some interesting fusion dishes and Korean alcohols too!

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