A halal western stall managed by the folks behind Collins, has been sprouting in various coffee shops located islandwide. It dishes up nasty good charcoal grill dishes.

The portion is huge with the price tag. Had this lamb chop with chicken sausage and farmer’s mushroom soup. It costs about $17.90 but comes with 3 slabs of lamb rack, 2 spicy chicken sausage, a portion of aglio olio, salad and a corn. The lamb rack is heavily seasoned with herbs and dry rub, not the most tender and moist but it’s pretty easy on teeth. Going it with the black pepper sauce gave it an extra punch to the flavor burst.

Mushroom soup on the other hand is not the most gao-tasting but neither does it taste diluted. Good amount of mushroom and creamy flavor.

It became further extremely worth it with Burpple beyond 1-1. Check them out if you’re looking for a decent western fare.