Silly Western is a pretty new hawker stall at Chinatown Complex Market run by two young hawkerpreneurs serving up western fare such as Honey Paprika Chicken Chop and Apple Pork Chops.

Ordered the Chicken Roulade, which came with Purple Mash and Mushroom Medallions by default though patrons can change the sides at no cost or even add sides at a small charge. The food here seemed to be much on the healthier side; there doesn't seem to be much seasoning used but it's still pretty tasty especially for those who prefer having their food in its true form. The chicken roulade is first sous vide, before being grilled on the flat surface grill — the flesh was tender, juicy and comes wrapped with spinach within; the natural flavour of chicken being pretty evident. Purple Mash is made from purple sweet potatoes; the mash a little less moist than the usual mash potatoes but comes with a subtly sweet flavour signature or sweet potatoes. Mushroom medallions were actually pretty interesting; mushroom sliced in coin-shaped pieces and grilled that carries a juicy bite almost similar to scallops.