Exploring the far west earlier in the month with the #BurppleTastemakers, our first order of business led us to A&I Boneless Hainanese Chicken Rice for breakfast. An awesome find, our generous 2-person portion with a mix of steamed and roasted chicken was both surprisingly tender.

However, if I had to pick a favourite, the steamed chicken wins hands down as the roasted chicken lacked a little oomph in terms of seasoning and texture. Enjoying mine with tons of black sauce, the steamed white flesh was wonderfully smooth and I couldn’t resist chomping down on the glossy skin with that nice layer of gelatin just underneath. Most importantly it was boneless.

The rice was worth mentioning too as it was fragrant, not overly cloying yet holds a good amount of flavours in each grain. Noted with a constant queue, the store operates from 6AM - 3PM daily so go down early for a good breakfast or brunch.