Really love dining at Nakhon @ Marine Parade. Very fast service and quality food. Also thereโ€™s a waiter who can balance plates on his arm ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

What we ordered:

๐Ÿš Tomyum Tanghoon w seafood ($5)
๐Ÿš Thai Hor Fun ($4) โ€” like SG one
๐Ÿš Chili Lime Seafood ($20) โ€” not so special imo, just nice presentation on the grill thing
๐Ÿš Pandan Chicken ($5)
๐Ÿš Mixed Veg ($6) โ€” nice umami sauce!!
๐Ÿš Olive Fried Rice ($6) โ€” couldnโ€™t see/taste the kanacai though....thought they probably served wrongly
๐Ÿš Thai Ice Red Tea ($3)
๐Ÿš Red Ruby ($3)
๐Ÿš Lemongrass ($3)