I would say this is one of the better event held in Sg. It’s less crowded, spacious, wont make you sweat... as compared to the unable to move around artbox event held at MBS previously or the very crowded and hot Geylang serai Pasar malam... the setup reminds me of Talad rot fai ratchada in Bangkok.
Funny how all the rainbows and unicorn fancy food don’t interest me at all and beverages now are more expensive than food. Haha but saw some very creative food / drinks.
Also this event allow transaction via Grabpay and first 3 transaction will get $3 rebate each. I hope I’ll get my rebat soon. (But then the takoyaki stall owner rejected grabpay and insist cash😕) Broti had the longest queue and their Thai milk tea ($4) is worth the queue. I also tried You tiao with Self help sauce station, unlimited cheese and mayo. Super worth it ($3 a cup), last but not least takoyaki ($4 for 5 balls).