The Charcoaled Fired Fish Steamboat was what I was craving for! Drinking down the warm soup definitely keep the stomach comfortable in such a cold day.

If you are ordering Fish Head Steamboat, it will cost $28 instead. We had the fish meat version by topping up $10. The pot was filled with generous amount of vegetables, cabbages, tomato, yam and pieces of fish meat.

There were a handful of fish meat chunks among the soup and the portion is more than enough for 2 pax.

One of the essential ingredients will be the blocks of yam included in the steamboat soup. No doubt that the soup is already flavorful, I still prefer the yam blocks to be fried a little before including them into the soup.

The soup is refillable at the service of the servers. Soup tasted sweet and a tad on the sour side, I guess they have included plums in it too which make the soup appetizing and addictive to me.

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