Went in the late afternoon on a weekday (full-market day) and it was so nice to walk around since it wasn’t crowded 😌 Got to try out some of the recommended eats there and our favorites were the cheese toastie @ kappacasein dairy, pork belly sandwich with bramley apple sauce @ roast to go, and caramel chocolate donut @ bread ahead 😋 Didn’t manage to try others such as the fresh pasta and duck sandwich though so hopefully we’ll be back to try them! Just a tip, do check out the market’s official website before visiting for details on opening hours and half/full-market days. Although more enjoyable to stroll around on a weekday, they definitely have more stalls open + free samples of food out on weekends so go for it if you are willing to brave the crowd 😅 - 👵🏻 #burpple