Late night Japanese snack unboxing with Rachel 🍋 I can’t resist any lemon flavoured goodies. Just tried this lemon cake from Francais at, a sister brand of @tokyomilkcheesesg and @letaosg! Love the cute graphics on the packaging, this would make a perfect gift! Taste-wise, this lemon honey cake reminds me of my mom’s lemon cupcakes except it’s coated in icing. There are also bits of lemon rind in the cake and it’s supposed to be coated in a white chocolate (not super discernible) icing. The icing is sweet enough/not too sweet. Verdict: Love the robust, memorable flavour of this lemon cake, it reminds me of my mom’s bakes! A box of 4 lemon cakes retails at $13.80, and they’re also sold individually at $5.50. Many thanks to Paragon for the vouchers! 🍋

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