Finally back in Singapore and this was that one dish I craved soooooo badly!!! I should probably create the geotag for this place. With the downtown line opening, Bugis is 15 minutes away from my house and that means? That means MORE Suan La Fen in my tummy! Woohoo! Thick sweet potato noodles are chewy and q, soup is addictive, generous portion of vegetables, and even without much ingredients, this is that one bowl that keeps me coming back. Top ups for meats and other ingredients are available along with customizable level of spiciness.

Where in bugis is this from?
Lee Yuenny Hello!! :) Sorry, I popped by today but it’s a new stall now, they’ve changed owners already! 😭 It’s along the side alley on the first floor, next to the fruit juice shop in the middle of the street.