“Lao Huang Hakka Niang Dou Fu” is one of the tastiest “yong tau fu” stalls in Singapore in my opinion. I have been visiting it for years, sometimes at least once every week over a period of time.
Located at stall #01-108 inside North Bridge Road Market & Food Centre, this is a family-run gig. At any one time, dad can be spotted busily stuffing the “yong tau fu” ingredients while mum does the cooking and the daughter manages the orders.
Speaking of orders, we paid $15.30 for ours today but I am perfectly happy to do that as their food is very tasty and “yong tau fu” is undeniably labour-intensive, more so with different types of filling - 4 versions in total to be specific: boiled fish paste, fried fish paste, boiled minced meat and fried mince meat.
The highlight for me however, has to be the special minced meat they scoop on your order of noodles or rice. It is so appetising I could eat that on my own.
They start operations in the morning and tend to sell out by early afternoon so go early for greater variety.
One important thing to note is the stall is closed 3 days a week - every Monday, Thursday and Friday. So please remember to avoid those days if you don’t want to make a wasted trip.