[Media Tasting, 3/4] Carrying on from where we left off, we also had these interesting twist of a dessert.

This is apparently much raved-about in Taiwan - it's like our local favourite, the popiah, but only reimagined as a dessert. And they did that with the aid of the shavings of a Taiwan-imported block of peanut candy (you can definitely find pictures of it somewhere on Instagram), corriander leaves and a few spherical dollops of Yam ice-cream. If this isn't the epitome of an Asian dessert, I honestly don't know what is haha.

But in regard to the combination, it's surely strange in words, but one that definitely feels familiar to the palette. Sure, it's hardly adventurous, but it has a certain nostalgic quality to it - very evocative of the iconic pairing of ice-cream and bread. In that way, it becomes more alluring with every bite. I can't say if it'll do the same for you, but finishing one (or one half, technically speaking) left me wanting more. The dessert compartment of my stomach was smiling by the end of this tasting session.

So please. Don't hesitate on trying it. It's available only til' the end of May. At only $3.90 for two halves, it's honestly worth a shot. (7.5/10)