[Kueh Appreciation Day 2017]
Bought these from a pop-up stall instead of the original one at Joo Chiat. Apart from their handmade skin, this popiah stands out from the rest in terms of its presentation and taste. First, it's served uncut in a plastic bag so you've to eat it like a burrito; and second, it has a more savoury, crustacean taste than others which often has just one-dimensional flavour. Also, it has bits of beancurds and fried fish skin (I think), making it really unique!

• Soft and chewy skin made on the spot
• Distinct umami taste from the turnips
• Very good crunch from the beansprouts, cucumbers, and fried fish bits
• Generously stuffed
• Skills have been passed down to the third generation! #supportyounghawkers

• Turnips are a little dry
• Would love to have more crunch and fragrance from the peanuts
• Can get a little messy eating from a bag
• People who prefer sweeter popiahs may not enjoy this

Verdict: 4/5 (Just because I'm not used to the unique umami taste and I'm not eating from the original stall)