With queues that stretch for about an hour long, @chefkinhkwantonnoodle is probably the most happening place in Yishun now. Chef Kin used to be the Head Chef of Crystal Jade and specialises in Hong Kong-style wanton noodles and beef brisket noodles. It’s good for the price you’re paying since most Hong Kong-style wanton noodles cost at least $10 in restaurants.

While we Singaporeans like our wanton noodles dry with chilli, Hong Kongers prefer theirs in soup with red vinegar.

I got the soup version as I prefer having my HK wanton noodle in soup form. For $5, I would say this is amazing value for money considering the quality of ingredients used.

[Verdict: Terryfic 👍🏻] Wantons. Expect plump and juicy wantons that contain fresh and crunchy prawns with a little bit of minced kurobuta pork. It’s the highlight.

[Verdict: InTerrysting 👌🏻] Noodles. The duck egg noodles imported in Hong Kong are no doubt springy but the alkaline taste is more prominent when having the soup version. My advice to you is to consider adding chilli to mask the taste.

[Verdict: InTerrysting 👌🏻] Soup. Boiled for at least 8 hours, the soup stock contains old hen, top grade pork, Jinhua ham and dried flounder fish. While the umami taste is evident, I would prefer if the dried flounder flavour is more profound.

If you notice, there’s some chye sim/ choy sum served in every dish.

Chef Kin HK Wanton Noodle is a cash only establishment. [SELF-FUNDED]