Looking for halal Yong Tau Foo? Check out Hometown Yong Tau Foo. Home Town Yong Tow Foo is the first Chinese Halal restaurant in Malaysia to introduce our Muslim friends the delicious Ampang Hakka Yong Tow Foo. If you want to go for the recommended dish, try their signature You Tiao or Char Kway Stuffed Yong Tau Foo that will cost you around RM1 each. What makes it special is that the char kway is pan-fried twice. First on its own and the second time with the fish paste which will give you a very nice crunchy texture. However, Home Town Yong Tow Foo does not provide that doughy breaded taste to its dishes. The char kway only serves as a crusty wrapper for the meat inside, but it is still considered as a must-try for its rare fusion of yong tau foo.