We saw a fairly decent queue at Teochew Handmade Paus and decided to give it a try since everyone loves paus for breakfast! One thing to note is that the paus served here are really small; they can be finished in around four mouthfuls so this is something to take note of if you are planning to buy from this shop.

We ordered two char siew, two tau sar and two lianrong paus to try! The pork filling used for the char siew pau was rather lean and there were few fatty parts in it. However, we thought it wasn't exceptionally yummy because we felt that the meat was a little too shredded, which made for a strange texture for a pau filling.

The Tau sar and lianrong paus were great though, because the red bean and lotus paste fillings respectively were very smooth and they were pretty concentrated as well! We love the pronounced flavours within the filling of both paus!

Each pau is priced at 90 cents, which is honestly pretty expensive given it's small size. That being said, we may want to come back for the tau sar and lianrong paus again!

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