ordered the miso carbonara & the grass fed ribeye, both $21 before GST, no service charge. with burpple, sarnies is pretty affordable! the miso salmon carbonara was quite tasty & creamy + the pasta was al dante, although i wouldn't recommend eating the whole plate yourself. the ribeye was disappointing from the get go - the steak was thin & so unimpressionable. there was large fatty layer that was really 🤢 but other than that it's passable, for maybe a 5/10. for the portion of the steak i probably would not order it ever again even if i were craving but i wouldn't mind coming back for other items on the menu becauae the staff are really friendly & helpful. the al fresco dining was also really nice & chill except that it's right by the road so you may not like that (exhaust fumes & road dust!!)