Hadn’t visited Lowercase for a few weeks and found out that they are offering quite a number of new cakes that are being displayed in the display chiller at the counter. Apart from the Peach Terrazzo, there is also the Charlotte Cake and a Vietnamese Dark Chocolate Tart that we have yet to try during our previous visits here.

Being an individually-sized two-tier cake, the Peach Terrazzo deceptively looks like an entremet / mousse cake given its aesthetics but is in fact, a sponge cake within. The “terrazzo” in the name stems from the aesthetics of the cake — the exterior is decorated with flower petals, bits of peach, and herbs; all that together with pieces of meringue for that “broken tile” aesthetic. Frosted with pastry cream on the outside, slicing the cake into half reveals the sponge cake layers; what sits between the two layers would be a layer of pastry cream that comes with bits of peach within. Liked how the sponge was subtly sweet; the pastry cream further enhancing those flavours while the bits of peach provided a good bite, as well as a fruity tinge of sweetness that gives a bit of a flavour contrast to the cake. The broken meringue pieces on the exterior adds on to the textures of the cake; a soft crunch that disintegrates effortlessly — an interesting touch to what is otherwise a rather standard offering out there.

The folks of Prodigal Roasters are slowly making Lowercase a space that regulars of the now-defunct Prodigal Roasters / Prodigal Cafe somewhere that is familiar to the heart. Whilst they have kept the namesake of the cafe and retained most part of its decor, they have since brought back some of the favourites from the menu ever since their announcement of their “move” into Lowercase — think the Dirty (i.e. double ristretto on cold milk in a chilled glass), to the favourite Grilled Cheese Sandwich and the familiar Lavender Cheesecake and Chewy Brownie. Lowercase has since been a haunt for us ever since the folks of Prodigal Roasters / Prodigal Cafe have moved in here — would definitely make it a point to try the new Miso Cheesecake (which sounds like a spruced up version of the Miso Cheese Tart that we have loved) soon!