If you’re looking for something fancier to treat yourself, you should definitely try out this restaurant’s unique 15-course Russian experience set ($78++)! Choose from 3 different kinds of soup: their seasonal soup such as their Russia Summer Soup, the Ukrainian Borsh Soup with world renowned russian classic pork, cabbage, beetroot, tomato, potato, or the Solyanka, a salami sour soup. Up next are their delectable appetizers: Egg with Wildlachs-Kaviar, Morkov’, Smoked Salo, and 3 seasonal specials. With this set, you also get to feast on their Handmade Pelmeni (Dumplings), which is the heart of Russian cuisine, and a main course of meat stew! Finally, end off the satisfying meal with Dulce De Leche Crepe or the Russian Cake.
Photo by Burppler Gen Tan