It's a dessert from Hungarian. Made from sweet, yeast dough which is spun and wrapped around a cone–shaped baking spit & rolled in granulated sugar.

Interesting, right? ☺ The best part? We can choose between sweet or savoury and in my case, have it with soft serve 🍦 Cone flavours are Cinnamon Sugar, Peanut or Oreo for Sweet, Garlic and Herb Butter with Mozzarella or Cheddar for Savoury. And we can decide to add in Nutella, Peanut butter or Cream Cheese for Sweet or Chicken Ham, Turkey Bacon or Salted Egg for Savoury.

Being a sweet tooth, I chose to have mine in Peanut Butter cone with chocolate soft serve 😋😋😋 The cone is baked upon order and it's really interesting to watch it rolled in front of your eyes.

Nothing to shout about for the 🍦 as I find it a bit too bland and melt too fast. But the chimney cake is really very yummy!! The crispy texture reminds me of Churro but Chimney Cake is slightly healthier because it's baked instead of fried. Will be back to try their savoury!! Without soft serve 😁