you can DIY/ask the staff to prepare for you. They specialise in Tteokbokki (rice cake) and it’s a buffet so you get unlimited rice cakes in different shapes and filling. other food include fresh veg & mushrooms, meatballs, chicken and clams/mussels, freshly cooked fish cake skewers and fried food.
Price fixed at $18.80++ and additional $9 for cheese ring.
I personally dislike the sauce as it’s on sweeter side since it’s meant for rice cake. Not much variety on food which can get cloying with all the starch and sweet soup. I tried adding MSG and water from the ramen packet but it makes no difference... sauce was prepared by the staff. Staff suggested adding fish cake soup, in the end I can only taste fish cake flavour😂 $18.80++ for buffet is quite affordable however I think my home cooked kimchi ramen is nicer haha sorry!