- bread was nice and soft, fragrant butter
- foccacia was nice, crunchy, dip was very interesting
- prawns (personal favourite) was fresh and crunchy, i liked that it was already peeled, and came with a really nice sauce on the side
- beetroot - unfortunately did not enjoy that as much, but i do not eat beetroot usually anyways

- wagyu: well cooked, would have preferred if i was asked how i would like my meat done, slices were quite thin, but overall was really good. extra $15 for this!
- chicken: normal, don’t think you can go wrong with a chicken, quite forgettable, sauce was good
- sides: not bad! we did not enjoy the picked purple cabbage(?) that much though
- chocolate cake: really good! not too sweet, nice and soft!
- pavlova: i love it!! meringue was done well, fruits was not too sour which i liked. meringue was not overly sweet as well. the sweetness blended well with the acidic taste of the fruits

overall, will definitely come back again, albeit not for the food, the view is definitely worth it.