Sorry I was too hungry and started eating before I took this photo :P Actually not too bad a bowl of Tom Yum noodles - soup was savoury and a little spicy, and the noodles were chewy. They were quite generous with the seafood, there were a few chunks of fish and also 3 prawns.

We also got the Gula Melaka Milk Tea with Pearls ($4.80), which was pretty average, some pearls were a bit hard on the inside.

Overall not too bad, wouldn’t pay full price for this but it’s alright with the 1-for-1 Burpple deal. They are very flexible with the options applicable for the Burpple deal - the staff literally told me “everything also can”, which is a great plus point!

Probably not for fussy eaters but as long as you don’t expect some amazing restaurant quality food here, I honestly think it’s a pretty okay option to just grab something casual, sit down and chat with friends with no pressure of dining time limits and such. We visited on a weekday night and it wasn’t too busy, didn’t have to wait too long to get our food either.