Forget about the nice views comments you see about this cafe. What views do you expect to see from an 8th floor rooftop surrounded by tall condominiums and a rainforest? Come for the food and coffee instead!

We came on a Sunday. Reservations strongly recommended as the tables are limited. We ordered Chilli Crab Shakshuka, Squid Ink Fried Rice and the Coexist Breakfast.

The Shakshuka did not disappoint. Large chunks of crab meat were mixed within the chilli sauce (more like tomato sauce with just a hint of spice). Six small slices of man tou was provided to soak up the gravy. Do remember to mix the egg into the gravy to give the whole dish extra silkiness.

Next up, the Squid Ink Fried Rice was equally good. It came with chunks of deep fried prawn meat and whole baby squids, topped with Ikura and chilli. Rice was not greasy and tasted umami from the squid ink. The Ikura added bursts of flavour and there was also a certain level of heat coming from the squid and prawns. Probably the marinate they used or the mentaiko sauce spread on the plate. But yes it did accentuate the dish. Yums!

The Coexist breakfast was normal. Nothing to sing about. I have to give special mention to their White coffee and Aero-Black cold coffee. So hot are very robust in coffee taste, the way coffee lovers like their brew. Just choose hot or cold.

Certainly coming back to try the other items on their menu, even if this cafe is a little pricier than others and it is very ulu in terms of location. If you don’t drive, then Grab will be the next best alternative.

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