Didn't know what to eat at Chinatown point and when I saw that Kra Pow Thai had high ratings on Burpple (the Orchard branch but oh well haha), I immediately decided we're giving it a try! 😝

We ordered the Basil Pork Rice ($8.90), as well as the Clear Tom Yum Soup ($8.90), Jasmine Rice ($1.50) and a Coconut drink ($6).

The Basil Pork is very well done, fragrant yet juicy, simply deletable! The sunny side up egg was also well executed, it is not overcooked and the yolk remains runny.

The Soup and Jasmine rice is okay, not bad but nothing to shout about.

Coconut drink was sadly quite disappointing... The flesh was very hard but nonetheless, it's juice is still cold and refreshing. Though at this price point, I would expect a better quality coconut.

Overall, very decent eats at an affordable price. There's no service charge or additional GST too which the Singaporean in me greatly appreciates ;)