Visited this place at Jurong Point on a Monday evening and didn’t have to queue for a table for two. Really enjoyed the thin noodles with prawn dumplings (4 dumplings were given); each dumpling had a substantial filling of meat covering a fresh prawn, which offered varying textures in one bite. The dumpling skin also had a nice bite to it, unlike some places that leave their dumplings boiling in broth for too long and the dumpling skin becomes overly soft. The dry version ($9.5++) of the noodles also came with some kai lan, as well as some sweet and savory sauce on the side that you can mix the noodles with. We really liked how chewy the noodles were and you could also mix in the chili oil from the jar placed on every table. A bowl of savory soup was also given if you opt for the dry noodles.

As for dim sum, we had a plate of chee cheong fun and prawns ($6.8++) and snowy char siu pau ($6.5++ for 3). The chee cheong fun was delightfully tender, with each piece (total of 6 pieces) containing a prawn each. For added umami, you could once again add some chili oil to these silky rice rolls. As for the char siu pau, while we wished that the outside had more crisp, the filling was decent. The “snowy” version of the pau had a layer of flaky sugar above each bun like what you would get from a polo bun but this is way less crusty as you can tell from the color. If you prefer a less sweet version of this bun, you may want to choose the regular char siu pau instead, since the filling itself already carries a decent amount of sweetness.

We both really enjoyed the HK milk tea ($3++ each), which came without sugar (but sugar packets are given on the side). The tea was really fragrant and smooth, with the ratio of milk to tea being just right. We strongly recommend you to get this together with your mains!

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