My love for great pizzas started right here a decade ago when the restaurant first graced our shores. I remember telling everyone how I had the best pizzas in Singapore and fast forward 10 years later I might still say the same. With a lot more knowledge of Osteria Mozza and the lady behind it Nancy Silverton thanks to Netflix, being able to dine here again for a joyous occasion like Father’s Day just etches Osteria Mozza deeper in my heart.

Last, as a result of being late, to the lunch table, my first bite starts with a refreshing bite of the chicken salad that makes chicken breast delicious. As I was famished, I mistook the meat for a crustacean meat for split seconds- imagine the chops of being able to make chicken breast have a texture like crab/ lobster.

The pizza crust here is still my favourite, crisp with pockets of air bubbles from well fermented dough. 3 pizzas easily polished by 5, we had the meat lovers for all the Italian meat cuts you can get; Alla Benno which puts all Hawaiian pizzas in their humble probably defeated places. The last was the Funghi Misti for the poser vegetarian individuals in the family aka mum and I.

Beyond the pizzas, we had solid mains of the Westholme Wagyu Tagliata and Duck Ragu. The former was premium cut done right with a side of arugula/ rucola, parmigiana reggiano cheese shavings and balsamic. Latter of freshly made maltagliati tossed in comforting duck ragu.

Because I was late and had no part in ordering from the menu, I tell myself I have to come back for the mozzarella bar🙃