Came across their posts on this item whilst scrolling through social media and thought it sounded pretty intriguing — the last time when I found myself being interested in one of their limited-time only Mille Crepe offerings was for the Chocolate Truffle Mille Crepe; an item that deceptively sounded as though it was chocolate-on-chocolate, but turned out to be a truffle-infused affair that was really different from expectations.

The Popcorn Mille Crepe (available only up to end June 2022) is essentially “Lady M's iconic crepes layered with a buttery popcorn cream, topped with ganache made from blond chocolate with rich notes of caramel finished with a ring snow sugar and golden caramel popcorn”. Just like what one would have expected from the Mille Crepes from Lady M, the Mille Crepe itself holds up pretty well to slices from the fork — something that not all Mille Crepes from other establishments are able to achieve. The Mille Crepes come with alternate layers of crepes and popcorn-infused cream; not only was the cream lightly buttery as what was described, but it does come with bits of popcorn that gives a bit of a bite for a variance of textures. The Popcorn Mille Crepe comes topped off with a layer of blond chocolate — something close to a white chocolate ganache but infused with caramel; still pretty controlled where sweetness is of concern. Topped off with popcorn and dusted with a ring of snow sugar for a dreamy touch, the popcorn bits were a little bit less crisp as what one would have expected — perhaps due to the Mille Crepe being stored in the chiller for an extended period of time after being delivered from a central kitchen. Overall, probably something that Lady M Mille Crepe lovers might want to look into trying considering how this is a limited time-only item.

Made it a point to head down to their outpost at South Beach Tower this time round instead of going to the one at Westgate which I had visited for the Chocolate Truffle Mille Crepe — service and environment of the South Beach Tower is still definitely better whilst it is also less buzzy as their flagship outlet at Orchard Central; still the outlet of choice to return to dine-in whenever I crave for their cakes.