Had lots to try from MAM MAM and we enjoyed everyyy bit of it! MAM MAM is founded by Chef Sebastian from VENUE by Sebastian and Chef Edmund from Ponggol Nasi Lemak - serving up lots of really tasty + value-for-money rice bowls in NUH. Loved that the bowls we tried had well-balanced flavours and appreciate how they also paid careful attention to preparing each component, like the white Jasmine rice for the rice bowls.

Their duck confit is marinated for 2 days with Asian spices and slow-cooked for 24 hours before pan-frying. Super flavourful and tender! Was just a tiny bit saltier but the side tangy salted veggies and green chilli were nice complements.

We were very impressed by the food especially with the variety there is - apart from rice bowls and porridge, they have the classic kaya toasts, noodle options, double-boiled soups, sides and desserts. Had these delivered and they were already of good quality. Looking forward to head down to have them on the spot! Thank you JY, @mammameveryday for sharing with us your food! ✨