28 Mar’21, Sun🌤
📍 Chindamani Indian Food Stall (Serangoon North Ave 1)
- Egg Prata🍳
- Kosong Prata🥞

If you are someone who likes crispy prata, this is for you! If you prefer the doughy/ chewy prata, then maybe this is not so ur kind of prata.

The kosong prata was crispy until, like CNY love letter that kind of crisp I tell you~ while I like it crispy, but I find it a little surfeit (jelak) after the 2nd bite, find it a little too oily, not the normal kosong prata which I can eat on its own, must eat with curry to ease the greasiness.

Find their egg prata performed better, crispy on the outside, a little chewy and moist inside, and probably cos of the egg, I find their egg prata less greasy somehow.

As for their curry, pretty std, not those very spicy kind, easy to handle even for those who can’t take spicy food.

Do expect a long queue during lunch hr, waited for abt 20min on a Sunday afternoon.

If you are near the vicinity and like crispy prata, don’t mind the long queue, can come and try this out.

Damage: $3 ($1.20 kosong, $1.80 egg)